Green Energy

Green energy is any source of energy from renewable energy sources including solar, wind, water or biomass. These types of solutions produce less pollution and harmful substances into the atmosphere. In business, they are an increasingly popular solution, related to increasing social pressure. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the human impact on our climate and are nowadays reaching for green products and services that reduce its impact. In all sorts of media, there is more and more talk about reducing the carbon footprint, so it is important that companies are consciously striving to move the energy transition into the realm of low- or zero-emission sites. Examples of systems using green energy are:

  • photovoltaic panels,
  • wind turbines,
  • water turbines,
  • Power plants using geothermal energy,
  • Heat pumps using energy from photovoltaic panels,
  • biomass-fired boilers,
  • solar collectors.
infrared heating pomeranian

Switching to green electricity is an easy way to significantly reduce personalCO2 emissions at little additional cost. Green electricity emissions are only about 40 grams per kilowatt hour. Ordinary electricity generates more than 600 grams.

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