Advantages of solutions from WP Energy

In-house installation teams

Professional approach of installers with years of experience. The authorizations and knowledge they have allow to perform installations in accordance with the law, building codes. Own installation teams allow to perform the service in a short time.

Highest quality components offered

We buy photovoltaic panels, inverters, installation components from the best manufacturers in the world. The offered installation is designed to meet the energy needs of households and businesses. The installation can be mounted on the roof as well as on the ground. The selection of high-quality components as well as our own installation teams allow us to perform the installation at the highest level.

PV installation pays for itself in 5-7 years. Warranty for 25 years

Choose an offer with a safe and long warranty. The proposal from WP Energy is as much as 25 years of warranty for the efficiency of photovoltaic panels. The photovoltaic installation can work for up to 30-40 years. Free electricity after the return of the installation will still be produced for about 29 years.

Installation installment better than energy bill. Return on investment of 5-7 years

The PV system can be financed with a loan. The loan installment will be close to your energy bill. We cooperate with financial institutions will help you. Change your electricity installment to a convenient installment. Let your installation earn money.

Monitor your solar power plant anywhere in the world

A customized application selected for your installation allows you to observe electricity production. Monitoring allows WP Energy service to respond quickly.