Roof coverings

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WP Serwis Sp. z o.o. stands for reliability of service, fast turnaround time and top quality components. Our company is able to provide you with a comprehensive service when it comes to roofing, whether it is tile, sheet metal, tar paper or any other type of roofing.

The underlayment is the layer of the roof between the structure and the covering. It is formed by waterproofing and a grid of battens and counter-battens attached to the rafters, possibly boarding. The underlayment is responsible for the drainage to the outside of rainwater and water vapor, which managed to penetrate this zone. It is selected depending on the angle of the roof and the type of roofing material. It is to be the tighter, the less airtight the roofing is and the lower the slope. Nowadays, the waterproofing is most often a pre-covering film (with low or high vapor permeability - the latter are called roofing membranes), less often an underfelt (without sprinkling). Structural mats are laid under flat sheets, allowing condensation to drain from their lower surface.

Roofing material

Before making a decision, check the local zoning plan, or possibly the zoning decision. Local regulations may dictate not only the shape and pitch of the roof, but even its color.

It is worth taking into account the location of the house - by the sea the tin roof is more vulnerable to corrosion, under the trees moss and lichen will appear on the tiles. Where strong winds blow, it is better to choose small-format and heavy roofing.

Types of coverings


In the case of thermal modernization of the building, we can apply for funding from the Clean Air Program.

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