Energy Plus

The program aims to reduce the negative impact of businesses on the environment, including improving air quality, by supporting investment projects.

The program is implemented through:

  • Reduce the consumption of energy and primary raw materials
  • ReduceCO2 emissions and reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and dust
  • Amount of electricity (final) and heat (final) energy saved 
  • Additional renewable energy generation capacity
  • Additional capacity to generate electricity and heat under high-efficiency cogeneration conditions
infrared heating system

Deadlines and method of submission

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management announces the 2nd call for applications for funding under the "Energy Plus" priority program. Applications should be submitted from 01.10.2020 to 17.12.2021 or until the allocation of funds is exhausted.

Prepared applications must be submitted only in electronic version via the Grant Application Generator ("GWD") using the signature referred to in § 2(4) of the Rules of Procedure for Call for Proposals. The deadline for submission of an application is determined by the date on which it is sent by the GWD to the NFOŚiGW sub-box located on the Electronic Platform for Public Administration Services (ePUAP).

Applications received after the deadline or in the wrong form will be rejected. Applicants will be informed by separate letter of the outcome of the evaluation.

Types of projects subsidized under the program

Construction, expansion or modernization of existing production facilities or industrial equipment, leading to a reduction in the consumption of primary raw materials (within their own production lines), including by replacing them with secondary raw materials, waste or leading to a reduction in the amount of waste generated;
Projects leading to the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere for installations described in Directive (EU) 2015/2193 of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 25, 2015 on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from medium-sized combustion plants as combustion plants;
Projects to improve air quality by reducing emissions from fuel combustion sources with a total fuel power of more than 50 MW, at least to national emission standards for installations of such power or levels resulting from BAT conclusions, if defined for these sources, including, for example: modernization of equipment or equipping fuel combustion installations with equipment or installations to reduce emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants. A combustion source is understood to be a stationary technical device in which the combustion of fuels with a fuel capacity of more than 1 MW takes place;
Projects to improve air quality by reducing the volume of atmospheric emissions from industrial activities (not directly related to fuel combustion sources);
Projects in accordance with the "Announcement of the Minister of Energy of November 23, 2016 on the detailed list of energy efficiency improvement projects" aimed at improving energy efficiency, as well as technological changes in existing facilities, installations and technical equipment aimed at this;
Projects implemented at an existing enterprise/plant for the construction or reconstruction of generating units with their connection to the distribution/transmission network, where the following are used for energy production: energy from renewable sources, waste heat or heat from cogeneration;
Modernization/expansion of district heating networks;
Energy use of geothermal resources.
infrared heating system

Form of funding and amount of allocation

Funding will be provided in the form of a loan or grant, according to the Energy Plus priority program.

The amount of allocation for funding in the form of a loan - PLN 1,264,286,978.50, grants - PLN 49,772,500.00.

Beneficiaries of the program

Entrepreneurs within the meaning of the Law of March 6, 2018. Entrepreneur Law performing business activities.

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