We are one of the largest companies in the country engaged in leasing land for the construction of photovoltaic farms. Many years of experience of our specialists allows our company to thrive in the development project sector. We have already established cooperation with many municipalities, universities or Archdioceses.

We want to grow with our partners, so we are expanding our operation to establish partnerships with other companies in the industry. Working together, we firmly implement visions for the development of the Renewable Energy sector.

We have our own design office, so we want to offer to help your company with both large and smaller projects.

We offer support and cooperation in, among other things:

  • Designing and creating visualization of photovoltaic installations in PV*SOL premium software, AutoCad,
  • Preparing documentation to obtain the necessary permits for the construction of photovoltaic farms,
  • Conducting analyses of land intended for the construction of a photovoltaic farm,
  • Implementation of photovoltaic installations (micro-installations and large-scale projects),
  • Management and service of photovoltaic farms, wind farms,
  • Repurchasing electricity from photovoltaic and wind farms.