Air conditioning

Nowadays, adequate thermal comfort is a prerequisite for effective work. Not only does it make employees feel more comfortable in the workplace, but they are also less tired and able to focus on their work without thinking about whether it is hot. Therefore, in any respectable workplace, air conditioners are an essential part of the building's equipment whether they are offices or other establishments.

Air conditioners its principle of operation on a fairly simple circuit based on the use of refrigerant to transport heat from a place where we do not want it to another place. To do this, with the help of a compressor we "compress" the medium by which its temperature increases. The medium then goes to the condenser, where it is cooled. The cooled refrigerant in the expansion valve, increases its volume causing an additional drop in temperature. Finally, the medium is in the evaporator, where it gives up its coolness to the environment (destination).

As for the types of air conditioners, we can distinguish between portable and stationary air conditioners. The most popular solution are stationary split-type air conditioners, they consist of two parts - external and internal. The outer part consists of a compressor, condenser and expansion valve. The inner of the other parts, this part is found in wall, duct or ceiling versions. This unit must be installed in such a way that the air reaches the occupants and the air flow is not disturbed by things in the airstream.

The approximate power of the air conditioner is determined by a simple relationship, namely, the area you want to cool is multiplied by 100 W/m2.

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