Energy-efficient construction

The goal of the program?

The program aims to improve air quality by reducingCO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption in buildings and increasing energy production from renewable sources.

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What projects qualify

During the program, projects that improve air quality are selected. Projects that are subject to financing - energy retrofitting of buildings:

  • Hospitals, care and treatment facilities, nursing and care facilities, hospices, as well as other facilities other than those in which 24-hour treatment activities are carried out, such as outpatient clinics, laboratories, technical buildings, administrative buildings, district heating networks locally connecting technical facilities (heat sources) with other hospital facilities, provided that these facilities are part of the hospital complex, 
  • historic buildings, i.e., those that have been entered in the Register of Historic Monuments or are included in the provincial or municipal records, in accordance with the Act of July 23, 2003 on the protection and care of historic monuments, 
  • sacred objects,
  • accompanying buildings as defined in the Act of May 17, 1989 on the relationship between the State and the Catholic Church in the Republic of Poland, and administrative and economic buildings,
  • student houses,
  • others for the needs of culture, religious worship, education, care, upbringing, science. 

Forms of funding and budget

Funding will be provided in the form of a grant and a loan or a grant alone or a loan alone. The call budget for the program's goal is up to PLN 400,000 thousand, including:

For non-refundable forms of funding (grant) - up to 350,000 thousand zlotys.

For repayable forms of financing (loan) - up to PLN 50,000 thousand.