Home charging station for an electric car

The popularity of electric cars in Poland continues to grow. Although the percentage of cars powered by electricity is still small compared to traditional internal combustion vehicles, Poles declare their desire to own a more environmentally friendly and also economical car.

Growth in popularity of electric cars

A 2019 survey conducted by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA for short) shows that 28% of respondents are considering buying an electric car in the next 3 years. Meanwhile, according to data from the end of October 2020, there were a total of 15,965 electric passenger cars registered in Poland. For the first ten months of 2020, 6,969 of them arrived - 108% more than in the same period of 2019. - According to the Electromobility Counter, launched by PSPA and the Polish Automotive Industry Association.

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source: pspa.com.pl

What still stands in the way of such an investment is the still relatively low number of publicly available vehicle charging stations and the gradual introduction of charging costs, which can be up to four times higher than the cost of charging a car using a home charging station.

Home charging station as energy storage

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Noark electric car charging station, photo source: official website of NOARK Electric Ltd.

In theory, a charger that is part of the vehicle's equipment is sufficient to charge an electric car from an ordinary 230-volt outlet. However, the process is very lengthy and puts a huge strain on the home electrical system.

The solution to this problem is a home vehicle charging station, which makes it possible to replenish our car's batteries much more quickly and safely, for example, at night. This type of device can be installed in the garage, the so-called wallbox, or in the form of a pole on the property.

If the vehicle's charging station is connected to a photovoltaic system, it will also be possible to use the excess electricity produced on sunnier days, and in this way powering our car will become free of charge and the excess electricity will not be lost to third parties in a process known as net-metering.

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