With us you will benefit from pre-financing in the "Clean Air" program

In Clean Air, you generally have to do the subsidized work first at your own expense, and only then are you reimbursed. In the latest edition of the program, however, it is possible to apply for a grant with pre-financing, thanks to which you can receive a calculated portion of the money before starting the work.

Pre-financing - general information

Pre-financing rules

Who can benefit from pre-financing?

Beneficiaries eligible to receive:

Increased funding levels (Part 2 of the PPCP):

  • PLN 1,894 per person in a multi-person household
  • PLN 2,651 in a one-person household

The highest level of funding (Part 3 of the PPCP):

  • PLN 1,090 per person in a multi-person household
  • PLN 1,526 in a one-person household
  • Or has an established entitlement to a permanent allowance, periodic allowance, family allowance or special care allowance

How to get pre-financing?

Write to us and together let's implement ventures based on pre-financing! We will handle all the paperwork and take care of your application from start to finish.

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