RES development projects

We are able to provide support in the field of land leasing and the design of photovoltaic and wind farms.

Development projects - is it worth it?

We will accept any project

Plots of land after leasing are restored to their original use

Annual rent adjustment

Your regular source of income

The project is funded by us

We offer a long lease term

Cooperation offer for whom?

Land sales

Land lease

  • at any time
  • The possibility of cooperation with the previous team
  • land of class IV, V, VI above 0.5 ha
  • excluding protected sites
  • not required PZP

Development projects - advantages

Land utility renewal

At the end of the lease, we restore the land to its original state.

Additional income

Additional source of annual income.

Attractive financial conditions

Each hectare of leased land is calculated individually.

Additional costs are in our interest

Any additional costs associated with financing the investment are handled by us.

The right approach

We are able to take over and work with the previous people responsible for the project.

RES project process


Field reconnaissance, visualization of the project and preparation of a bid.




Contract signing.




Delivery of structural components, ground adjustment and installation.




Electricity production.